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Wednesday, July 27, 2005



Hi Brett,

Monday is the worst day to buy fish because the fishermen don't work on Sundays, so there is no fish delivered on Mondays, that's why the good fishmongers close. Never ask for fresh fish on monday in eny restaurant.

The mushrooms that you have bought looks like the delicate pie azul (Blue feet), Lepista nuda in latin.


Too bad the market was closed. Hope you were able to stock up on Marcona almonds and turrone...

Becks & Posh

Paparazzi - after me - where?
Boulettes larder is the type of grocery that would pre-cook beans, but you would have to pay through the nose for them. They were definitely selling chickpeas that way when they first opened.


Sam, the paparazzi might be looking for you, too, if they only knew what you looked like.... But seriously, I feel bad for the sellers at the equally photogenic Ferry Plaza farmers market in San Francisco, too. The market is a huge tourist destination. But who am I to talk? Just look at how many photos I take at markets.

David, don't worry, I stocked up on lots of wood-fire roasted marcona almonds from Casa Gispert. I'm munching on them now.

Nopisto, I should've known not to shop for fish on Monday. It's the same in San Francisco, with the exception that our fishmongers are all still open and will sell you old fish. Thanks for letting me know what the mushrooms were--they were delicious in my scrambled eggs.


just a quick correction...
jordi is not the chef at pinotxo, his brother albert is.
and they are not juan's sons...but his nephews--their mother, maria- used to run the bar with juan until her boys took over...she has since retired.


Tanya, you are of course correct! Since I wrote this post, I read in the Pinotxo cookbook(s) that I bought (I bought both the Spanish and Catalan editions!) that Jordi and Albert were indeed Juanito's nephews, not his sons. I had forgotten that I had written that they were his sons. I'll make the correction in the post. Thanks!

The Gulping Gourmand

drool... your photo's made me hungry and your story filled me up with anticipation. We're heading out for a long weekend in Barcelona for the first time for our wedding anniversary at the end of September and I can't wait to get there. We currently live/work in China and heading back to Scotland for a couple of weeks vacation and decided to do a weekend in Barca mainly for the culinary experience. Does anyone have any recomendations as to which area is most convenient for staying in?

Travel Guy

HA! I love Pinotxo! Barcelona is awesome and I'm jealous about the flat. I need to travel there more. :- ( Love your stuff!

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