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Thursday, June 30, 2005



Hi Brett
Welcoming another San Franciscan to the food blogging community. Thank you for taking part with such a great sounding product.
I love the idea of the multi grind because I love cooking indian food. I am particulalrly looking forward to some of your recipes. We got a really delicious heirloom tomato last week at the Ferry Building farmers market so now you have a perfect excuse for making those delicious-sounding sandwiches. We like the big very dark red, almost purplish ones ourselves.

I hope to get the ound up done by late next week.
Have fun with the blogging mularky!
I am looking forward to reading more of your entries.


Well, hello, Brett--you are the only other cook I know who has a Sumeet--I adore mine, and use it for all sorts of cookery tasks--Indian food, of course, Thai curry pastes, Mexican moles--it is fantastic!

Good luck with the blog!


Hi Sam and Barbara!

Sorry for delay in response, but am on the road. Also, as a Mac user, have had a steep learning curve learning to use Windows (in Spanish, which hasn't helped) at internet cafés.

Sam, when I get back, I'll definitely post the chutney sandwich recipe. Bet the tomatoes are juicy now.

Barbara, it's good to see other cooks also love their Sumeet. It's an odd-looking machine, but it works great. I'll have to attempt to use mine on Thai curry pastes!


I think there will soon be 3 cooks in the world with a Sumeet


OOps! sorry for the typo, I meant to say "DESI" joints.

Usha Goswami

I bought the sumeet mixer grinder about (3) years ago. I went to India and never had chance to use all the bowls. the smallest unit works fine but the other (2) larger ones have never worked because they do not close the limit switch keeping it off. \Please advise what to do.
Thank you.
Usha Goswami

Venkatesh Iyer

We usually use Sumeet which is a good brand. The cutters are also very good and it makes less sound also.


I am a caterer in the UK. I have a Sumeet 2000 in red. It's fab. Try making masala dosas with it. Love Pensky.

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