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Sunday, June 26, 2005



I was there on saturday and almost chose a taco, then changed my mind for an Acme almond croissant instead. If only I had read your blog first, maybe my Saturday morning breakfast would have been a different story...


I personally think fish tacos are the worlds greatest foodstuff. I could LIVE on them.

If it is still around, Gordos (multiple locations, my local was on Geary at about 19th) has pretty decent ones, for SF.

They are so easy to make though, you have got to give it a try. Deep frying is FUN! (wink)

I love your blog, btw, keep up the great posts! Yum!


I think Tacos are great, not really common in Spain.

Our tipical dishes are called Tapas, Pintxos and Mediterranean recipes.

Check this super recipes websiste:


Full of Spanish recipes, you can use Google translator for better understanding :-)

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