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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


jen maiser

I voted!


What does is say that I didn't vote for our Mayor but I voted for this?!!


I totally grinned when I saw Olallie was in the top slot.


Of the 3, I like Olallie - better possibilities of signature graphics, and a name that spoke to you first. I can easily imagine a logo based on this name - not so for the others. Even though you've gone through changes, the essential you is, I suspect, still the same, albeit a bit freer and more yourself. Unless this name is deeply rooted in the past relationship, it's still you.


I agree with Judith, Brett. Olallie, which I like very much, is the name you chose with your right, intuitive brain, It was a visceral reaction. The other names have often been clever , but more left brained and analytical, and haven't come close to expressing the warmth, fun, and connection to the earth that Olallie does. It's a name, for me, that really stirs up a desire for culinary adventure.


Bocarte is my favourite, followed by Olallie...

Dan Lyke

I don't think I'd vote for it either way (and I didn't comment on it yesterday), but when it's written "Ca'l Brett" I actually kinda like it (not hugely, but kinda), when it's written "Cal Brett" it looks like some sort of state agency that I'll end up standing in line and carrying around paperwork to do business with.


Not that I think it's a real contender, but just to give you an idea, here is a link to the cover of Arlene Sardine. http://www.salon.com/mwt/tisd/1999/02/11tisd.html


Brett: bocarte is too close to Bogart which immediately screws up association. Olallie is just so right geographically, colorfully, euphoniously. Keep it! BTW, love the photo of your grilled porcini. This has been an extraordinary early season, with Mendo rains.


I think all three names are great. I forgot to mention on my Ca'l Brett post that in my head, I was saying it altogether, calbrett, and not two words, which I actually kind of liked.

Lisa D. Walker

How about--


The Neighbor


or somethin' like that?

Lisa D. Walker

Uh, why not--


It exemplifies your approach to cooking-- your own definition of Sardine.

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