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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Dan Lyke

Hmmm... "Catalina" sounds like something that'd be near Union Square, maybe up near Pier 39. Certainly I'd expect a second or third location after a few years, eventually it could be a chain that'd rival Ruby Tuesday.

Seems a little to "LA" and touristy for my taste. I think you want something almost folksy, or maybe just a little rustic, and "Catalina" sounds like it should serve onion blossoms.

"Catalana" could work, but it loses the local angle.


I get too much of a SoCal smack from Catalina.
Catalana is nice.


I like what Catalina brings to mind -- the picture is perfect -- but agree with Dan Lyke.

Add Català to your variants for this one.

jen maiser

I immediately smiled when I saw this name. I like them both. But I love SoCal, so I'm not much help.


It sounds more like a chain of restaurants to me - I'm not sure why. I think that you are looking for a more out of the ordinary - FUN - name.


How about Katalina?
It got me to buy that issue of Playboy.


It sounds like a beachy restaurant. I'd expect fruity drinks with umbrellas, nachos, tortilla soup... :D


I think it just sounds so pretty and Spanish. Really, it just rolls right off the tongue. =)

Ken H

My first reaction is that it sounds generic - nothing jumps out about your personality/menu/philosophy. If you want to elicit visions of an island oasis/paradise, I'd pick a more exotic location.

Amy Sherman

This might sound odd, but I don't get Catalonia from Catalina. I dunno, maybe I'm dense. I do like Catalonia or some version of it like Catalan or Catalunya.

Morton the Mousse

You're getting closer. I like the sound of the word and the feelings it invokes, but the context is off: too So-Cal, too Trader Vics. I think there is some potential for plays on the base word "Catalan".

Conor O'Neill

Instantly thought of "My Name is Earl". So I like it!


I get a SoCal vibe from it too...but it is nice-looking. I agree with others that Catalana might be better.


I don't know how it might sound in english. But.. What about Cal Brett?


Okay, I totally thought of Kraft dressing immediately. Yuck. Sorry! I like the name when you explain it, but you probably won't have much opportunity to explain it in such depth to potential customers. But, as someone said before, you're getting closer! Not sure if you will be serving this dish, but I think the name (and the dish) Baccalà is awesome. Just putting it out there...


26 miles across the sea...


26 miles across the sea...


I like the feeling of "Catalina" rolling off my tongue. Never bought Kraft Catalina dressing in my life! I think I would go with something closer to "Catalunya," though, just to be slightly more distinctive.


I have to admit, the first thing I thought of was the salad dressing, and I winced. I do appreciate the linguistic proximity to Catalana, like the Palau de Musica Catalana, one of my favorite buildings in the world. I second Català as an option, so long as you commit to keeping at least some Catalan-inflected dishes on the menu full-time.


I also grew up with a view of Catalina, and the name just *feels* Southern California to me.


To play off the earlier comment as well (doh, double-commenting), "Català" is *great*.


"Catalina" is elegant, but doesn't strike me as warm or inviting. Then again, I'm biased - there's a very chic restaurant (the food, alas, is only middling) with the same name located on the water in Sydney.


Prefer Catalana to Catalina, but Catalina is OK too. It does have a wee bit of the SoCal life-of-privilige vibe, but still nice.

I like this one!


Prefer Catalana to Catalina, but Catalina is OK too. It does have a wee bit of the SoCal life-of-privilige vibe, but still nice.

I like this one!


I agree with those who find "Catalina" reminiscent of the island and the dressing, but not of Catalonia. Català (suggested by Towse) is lovely on the tongue and more strongly suggestive of Catalonia (even in the mind of one who hadn't heard the word before!)

A few more ideas to throw in the ring:

Amistad - "friendship" in Spanish, to highlight the convivial ambiance of your eatery.

¡Ánimo! - This Spanish expression means something like "take heart!" and is used to raise someone's spirits and give encouragement. Related to the English word,"animate", it conveys liveliness and warmth, two qualities that a fine meal aspires to inspire.

¡Á la Mesa! - Yet another Spanish expression, literally "to the table!" meaning "dinner's ready!" Envision a gracious host (yourself, of course) exclaiming this with a grand sweep of the arm as he urges his guests into the dining room...


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