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Tuesday, November 06, 2007



I like this better than the choices of the past few days, though I admit my first reaction was "Who's Cal?" Easy to spell and pronounce is a huge point in its favor.


No! It sound's like you are some member of an American college football team. Please, no.
Olallie is beginning to look desirable again in the light of these other names.


I always did like the name Olallie, and every day I kept waiting to see if there was a name I liked more. None until this one. I do really like Cal Brett, although maybe not more than Olallie. Anyway, those would be my top two!

However, I see Sam hates it, and since I'm not from SF maybe she is more in tune with restaurant names there.


I think this is fate. Last night I was thinking that the best name would be "Brett's Place" since this is so much a personal place. But then I ruled it out because it had no real pizazz and seemed like one of those last resort names lacking in imagination. And here it is, in a perfect form. I like the double meaning of Cal, I like that you're in it. Short, easy to remember, easy to say, not too cute, but with hidden depth. Winner!!!

Jack at Fork & Bottle

I was dwelling on this idea yesterday. House of Brett, Emerson, Food & Fire, etc., and, well, nothing was striking me as a winner. Cal Brett does sound more like a college sports team than a restaurant.

Might I suggest a round 2 of the name game, with a focus on words that describe your food/restaurant, and then figure out the pair that go best together? I thinking of words like Hearth, Fire, Sardines, Home, (and, well, you create this list). Love & Sardines? S.S. Hearthfire? Watch Food Cook? (Food is not right.)

And, there's still always a name based on a clever play of the address of your restaurant - always great for reminding people where it is.


I agree with Sam. The "Cal" part doesn't translate well, I don't think, given that stateside, it's short for California.


"California Brett's"

That's how I read it.

It's slightly better than the others.


"California Brett's"

That's how I read it.

It's slightly better than the others.


I love-love-love the idea, but I'm not in love with the end result.

I do like Jack's suggestion of Emerson, mostly because the only 'cons' I can think of are omissions, not commissions. (It doesn't say local or catalan, but it is easily spelled and pronounced and rolls trippingly off the tongue.)

I don't think you should worry over-much about the empowerment issue, unless you ever forsee a day when you are an exec chef with someone else as chef de cusine. I know you're no tyrant, but it is -your- place, after all. People are going to be working with and for you. Vous êtes le Chef -- don't be put off by that.


Cute. Simple. Personable. I like it. Still, Ollalie is my running favorite. (Regardless of the fact I still say oo-la-lee. I like saying it that way.)

jen maiser

I kind of feel like I do when my friends try baby names out on me ... I don't want to say I hate it because they may end up naming their child that. :)

Anyway, not a fan of Cal Brett for the reasons that Sam expressed. Love the sentiment, just not the actual result.

Also in SoCal we had that stupid "go see Cal" commercial which is exactly what I thought of when I first saw this.

Love Emerson. :)


Cal Brett could also be written as Ca'l Brett. I hadn't thought of the association of Cal with UC Berkeley's football team, but you all are right to point that out. Hopefully this new spelling will fix that association. It is my understanding that both can be correctly used in Catalan. See this photo of one of the signs for Cal Pep where it is spelled Ca'l Pep. Will edit the post to reflect this new spelling.


i love Emerson too.
Ca'l is better, but I've got that connotation in my brain now.


It's interesting that people like Emerson. That is a name I considered for quite a while. It's on my list of names that didn't make the cut, which I will be posting on Thursday.


Oh, lord, it's so... so... Superman! Kal-el. Me not like.
I think Emerson is swanky, though that may not be the image you're going for.
(This is fun. Hope it's enlightening for you.)


Hi there, I don't think "Ca'l" is correct, maybe in old catalan it was, but not anymore. The correct form (from a spelling point of view) would be "Cal Brett". In the same line, another option you might consider is "Can Brett", means exactly the same and has the same "spirit/feeling". Ca/Cal=Can (→ contraction of "casa d'en").
I like Cal Brett, but obviously my opinion may be slightly biased :).

Jennifer Jeffrey

I haven't been playing along thus far, but I'd like to cast another vote for Emerson, which is personal enough but not too personal, easy to say and warm-sounding.

This has been a most enjoyable process to read about, and I can't wait to find out which one you choose.


Thanks, Blanca, for your insider's perspective. I personally prefer Cal, but in our local setting there seem to be some issues with the similarity to a local college team. So maybe the Ca'l spelling, even if it is somewhat archaic, makes more sense. I'll have to give it some more thought. I considered Can Brett, but it has obvious issues in English: Can Brett? That's actually kind of funny, but I don't think I want to subject myself to that question on a daily basis! I'll feel like the Little Engine that Could (I think I can, I know I can...).


Ooh, I like Emerson, too! Simple, personal, easy to spell and say.

The Cal, with or with out apostrophe, only makes me think of UCB.


I'm also putting my hat in for Emerson (which is strange since that wasn't at all connected to this post.) It's a very nice name, sounds pleasant, easy to spell. Yep.


Cal Brett sounds like something that smells bad...

Frankly, I know it's your name and all, but Brett is not exactly an appetizing name. Sorry.

Jack at Fork & Bottle

Yes, Brett is short for Brettanomyces, a flaw or quasi-flaw in wine (typified by a barn-yard smell from red wine)...not a name I like either. Ca'l Brett is still not winning me over, sorry.

Emerson, huh? Nothing to dislike. Short. Easy-to-remember. Says nothing about the food except it's not fast food. Hmmm.


I actually like it, but admit it has the barest whiff of a college brewpub (it does sound like a college sports team name).

People caren't going to say or think Ca'l Brett - they are going to say Cal (go bears! surfer dude!) Brett.


I debated whether or not to include in my list of cons the unfortunate coincidence that my name is the same as the shortened version of brettanomyces. I elected not to, as I thought it would be more fun to out the effete wine snobs ;-) I, with my twisted sense of humor, actually find the coincidence hilarious, so much so that I seriously contemplated the name Barnyard for the restaurant as a way of poking fun. Thanks, Jack, for raising this as an issue with this name. I wouldn't want to scare wine lovers like yourself away.

Jack at Fork & Bottle

Haha...yeah, that would scare me away! Joanne and I are both on the pro-side of brett - we like that stinky smell in a wine - it adds some character. (We were raised by a very pro-French sommelier...I blame him.)

So, I think you're now stuck with the name of Brett's Barnyard as the restaurant name.

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