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Tuesday, August 28, 2007



I only started to read your blog a few months back, and was disappointed that it was "closed". I secretly wished you well, and hoped that you would start blogging again, and today I happened by it again, and I am glad to know that it's "open"!! Welcome back!
I loved this line from the quotes:
"and that when we no longer know which way to go
we have begun our real journey"
I kind of feel like that thesedays :)

Jennifer Jeffrey

So happy to have you back. And thanks for the quotes... they've made my week.


That sign looks very familiar...could it perhaps be from a restaurant called Montiel?


Yea! We're glad to see you back!

The Bunrabs


I wanted to sing, "Welcome Back, Kotter," but "Bretter" sounded weird. So I'll just say, "YAY! YOU'RE BACK!"

(And now I'm going to have that song in my head all day. Great.)


Welcome back...we've missed you too man!




Glad you are open again, and love the motto!


Yay. Great to have you back.


yay! oh yay!

you have no idea how many times i have thought of you this summer, Brett. This may seem strange, as we have never met, and have only left comments on each other's blogs. But you are alive in my mind. And I'm so glad to know that you are alive in reality.

Those quotes. Oh yes. So many of those sustained me through hard times, when I doubted every rocky stone under my foot. All those steps led me to now. And it's still the in-between times, like pema wrote. I just know I'll never be home, now. So I'm no longer waiting to be there. I just am.

Welcome back.


I am so glad to hear from you again. I have been thinking of you much these past months (and occasionally checking the blog). Life is a difficult teacher sometimes. May things be a little easier for you from here on out. Welcome back!


Welcome back! You were missed...


Glad to have you back :)


Yay, Brett's back--sardines for everyone!

shuna fish lydon

And the crowds went "waaaaahhhhhhhhHHH!"

It's been an honor to be your friend during these last 3 months. Here's to many years of friendship and leaning and eating and crying and giggling and going on field trips to farms!


I'm quite relieved.
I also found your blog a little too late in the game, and have been inspired to use some of your excellent recipes. Thank you.

Kate Hill

Yeah Brett! I second Tea's suggestion- sardines for everyone. And thanks for the Obert mind of yours...

Jennifer BB

Oh happy day! I'll be out to Berkeley next month and I hope "obert" means that Olallie will be open for dinner when I get there!

Lisa D. Walker

I have something for you. A perspective that I read daily and have posted in two areas of my home:

What would fear decide?

What would love decide?

Hugs! Luv you, mean it!


wellcome back Brett, remember to come to Spain next year ;-) We'll be waiting for you.


I have just discovered your blog and already love it. Thank a lot for the pictures! I'll be waiting for new interesting posts.


happy to see you back as i am a new reader and love what you have to say!

take care,

Venkatesh Iyer

It is good to see you back.

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