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Thursday, October 13, 2005



My experience exactly. We park in that far corner of the lot -- see? over there -- so our doggie can take a break. In fact, before In-N-Out arrived in the Bay Area, I even bought a T-shirt at the Kettleman City shop. I loved the burgers best before health standards required them to be cooked at a higher temperature.
First time I ever had one (in Kettleman City), Cranky thought they might be mini-burgers, so he bought us two each. Jeez. I ate both! That good.
My other guilty road-food secret: Breakfast burritos at McDonald's, 99 cents. They stop selling them at 10:30 or so, and boy, did Cranky find out about that the hard way (he was driving, and kept passing by McD's exits, to my tummy-rumbling protests.) And they're not even good!


Hamburger (animal-style), french fries and a REAL chocolate ice cream milkshake.



This reminds me of that commercial they had down here(I barely remember it )for in-n-out where the kid goes of to college and arrives at the airport asking him the parents had brough the double double. Something like that... : )

While you're here, you should hunt down this chain called Crescent City. They have the most Wooonderful beignets! And the only place around here that sells chicory coffee.


For a fast food chain, they are pretty "just" as well - workers make a real wage and they actually offer health care and other benefits. Carlo Petrini would be happier with this choice than you think!


Gotta love those burgers


Why all the guilt? Why not rejoice in the fact that you live in a country where you can eat this way and eat vegetarian and eat Japanese sushi and eat Hungarian paprikash and eat nothing at all whenever you choose? Why fret about the fat? Why all the Angst? Can you just not stand that some things taste good and don't meet the PC Police's standards? Why do you care? Did anyone stop you on the way in and warn you about the horribilities that awaited? It doesn't sound like it. Why not appreciate, enjoy, be grateful, and thankful, and be so so glad you are here and not in .. I don't know... North Korea?

Oh, and don't forget... rejoice in the fact that, particularly living where you live, you can also find Buddhist vegetarian food, beautiful Thai noodles, greasy pierogis, and a nice simple salad... whenever you want it. And the gas... it's expensive, but you have enough money to afford the trip, apparently.

Just appreciate and enjoy. I think God (or Whoever) would want it that way.



I had my first In-n-Out burger this summer while visiting California. I was on vacation, and not even remotely thinking about the carbs. I have to admit, it was quite delicious.


cookiecrumb, never had a Mickey D bkfst. burrito, but I have a friend who swears that the McGriddle is the best thing ever. Honestly, I haven't been to McD's in over a decade.

Fatemeh, I second your yummmm.

emi, I love beignets. They've been on my mind since a few weeks ago when they were one of the challenges in the Gourmet Survivor game. But I'm only here until tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll have time.

teri, I'm glad to hear that they're "just" as well. I had a feeling that might be the case, because all the people working there seemed to be having a good time.

Greg, yes you do gotta love em.

kd, what can I say? I'm just an angst-n-guilt ridden kinda guy. Blame my mother;P (FYI, I don't know whose mother kd is, but she's not mine).

Kalyn, definitely a decent burger for the price. Hard to beat it.


Wow. I remember when there was just the one McDonald's between home and the agonizingly long drive to L.A. (Plus the feedlot and Anderson's Pea Soup, of course). And I left Northern CA before In N Out Burger arrived. So great. I come over here to do a little interesting reading and now all I want is a pile of good tacos, a burger, and a chocolate shake. Hell, throw in some fries, too! : )
P.S. We do at least have Steak'n Shake here, which isn't too bad. And they're open 24 hours with actual sit down/server service. But I'd still rather have a taco. : )

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i love the fast food it is so good. you cannot go wrong with a burger.

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